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Making EHSQ Compliance as easy as booking a flight!
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Efficient Compliant Safer Workplaces

Your new Workplace Safety Hub

Allowing you complete risk assessments in minutes, maintain employee training records in one easy to access location, conduct plant & equipment inspections in seconds, store legally required documents securely and automate notifications!

Saving you Time, Cost & Money.

Efficient Compliant Safer Workplaces

dulann Express Features

Spend Less Time Completing Paperwork.

Make it Easier to Complete these Tasks.

Reduce Human Error and Time Spent on Spreadsheets.

Secure Greater Compliance by Prioritising Non Conformances.

Complete your Compliance Tasks from Anywhere in the World.

Easily Share Real Time Data with others Securely.

Automate Notifications.

Gain Greater Speed by giving the Company Real Time Information.

Use Your Time Wisely and Improve Your Productivity in Other Areas of the Business.

Reporting at the Touch of a Button.

Safety Management system

Efficient Compliant Safer Workplaces

What you get...


Equipment Inspections

Safety Statement



1GB of
Secure Storage

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Main Product

Dedicated Local Account Manager

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Helping you to maintain an Efficient, Compliant, Safer Workplace.

Efficient Compliant Safer Workplaces.

Does my Business Qualify?

No full time EHSQ resource.

Spending far too much time completing forms and filing paperwork.

Snowed under with Compliance Tasks.

Business can't justify the spend on a full time Safety Officer.

Under 50 employees.

only €299 per month

Includes Training, Hosting & Maintenance.
FREE Hazard and Control Measure Library.
Safety Management
Move to dulann Express

Forget the Manual Paper Work

Safety Management

Up & running in a week.

No hidden fees.

No set up fees.

No lengthy contracts.

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